Enjoy Halloween Candy Without The Guilt

orange plastic bucket

I love fall. Even in Southern California where we don’t have “real” seasons, I’ve learned to embrace the subtle changes, the brisk air, the leaves on the ground and the cooler temperatures. I can’t seem to get enough of it especially after a long hot summer.

Fall is many things: apple and citrus fruits, piles of leaves in the yard, the start of the school year and of course Halloween. For many, Halloween conjures up thoughts of costume parties, trick or treating and candy. Lots of it. This means temptation for you. It’s understandable. Most people enjoy candy and eat too much of it whether or not it’s Halloween.

So, how do you prevent yourself from going overboard when candy seems to be everywhere?

Abstaining from eating candy during Halloween isn’t realistic and I would never advise it. We are human after all. But what if you could eat candy guilt free? Sound too good to be true? Not really, if you do a couple of simple things:

Decide upon a reasonable number of candies to eat and promise yourself to abide by it. This part is imperative. Try to spread the consumption throughout the day. This makes it seem as if the candy lasts longer.

Use the candy to reward yourself. Did you take an evening walk or go to the gym this morning? If the answer is yes, give yourself a piece or two of candy. Make sure your rewards come after you’ve done some physical activity. 

Are you getting this? You are burning off some or all of what you consumed through your choice of physical activity. Remember, longer periods of exercise isn’t permission to binge. Ultimately, you will be consuming more calories than you burned off. Remain steadfast.

Please don’t obsess. That would be counterproductive. Sometimes you’re tired and want to eat that piece of candy without using it as a reward after exercise. I get it. Just make sure you are including it in your daily calorie budget.

If you aren’t keeping a food journal, it’s time to get in the habit. It can make the difference between gaining weight and maintaining it. Otherwise you will consume more than you burn. I can almost guarantee it.

Halloween is a fun time. It shouldn’t be riddled with candy guilt. So go head, get dressed up and have fun, that means enjoying some of that delicious candy as well.


2 thoughts on “Enjoy Halloween Candy Without The Guilt

  1. Jason H. Abbott says:

    Not partaking in sweets, desserts, and anything carbohydrate heavy has been a big adjustment to make for most holidays since I got serious about managing my diabetes. But I have a good incentive to avoid them as now they make me feel sick. The bigger problem is now people think I’m rude when I refuse sweets… “Surely a piece of cake won’t hurt?” Yes it will! I’d love to have it, but there’s more carbs in that slice than I usually have in days! It’ll make my heart race, my vision blurred, and I’ll generally feel like crap!

    “But it’s just ONE piece…”

    • Frieda P. Fontaine says:

      It’s no surprise that people will sabotage one’s diet. Somehow they take refusal personally. It’s a strange psychology. When someone tells me no dessert, I don’t argue with them. They obviously have a good reason. Good for you for not backing down. Thank you for sharing!

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