Bye Bye Advil, Hello Boswellia

I’m always feeling achy from my workouts. I’m not one to take Advil so I often resort to natural therapies. For several  years, I have been using Boswellia also known as Indian frankincense. It is all natural and comes from the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree. and has been used for centuries in Asian and African folk medicine. It’s supposed to relieve osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Asthma, Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and other ailments. Some studies have suggested it is useful in treating certain cancers. I’ve also read it could help with muscle pain.

Before I begin, nothing alleviates muscle soreness like rest and proper nutrition. If it hurts don’t use it. Seems like easy-to-follow logic, but for someone like me, missing a day of working out is like forgetting to brush my teeth. It just makes me feel gross. In my quest to avoid Advil, I decided I had nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain. After a month of using Boswellia (I take the capsule form. It is also available in a cream but I have no experience with it in this form), the pain from my muscle soreness was dulled. It worked just like Advil!

If you want to try it for muscle pain or other kinds of inflammation in your body, but are on other medications, pregnant or breastfeeding, I suggest you consult your physician. Better safe than sorry. Once you are cleared to use it, look for standardized extracts that contain at least 37.5% boswellic acids, sometimes listed as boswellin.

How much of it should you take? Assuming it’s standardized to contain 37.5 to 65 percent boswellic acids, just follow the directions on the package or ask your health care practitioner.

As with all natural anti-inflammatory herbs, choose the one that works best for you. Once you’ve found it. Be patient. They don’t work as fast as an OTC anti-inflammatory especially if you’re taking it for OA. Give it a couple of months. I think you might find that you can put away the Advil for good.




13 thoughts on “Bye Bye Advil, Hello Boswellia

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    I have never heard of Boswellia – will have to look it up.

    so my two pennies worth.
    Magnesium is good for musles. They say magnesium and vitamin d work best together.

    Tumeric – the yellow spice in indian cooking is an anti inflamatory.

    Additionally you can get magnesium sprays to spray on musles after exercise.

    then there is epsom salt bath
    or Horse chestnut gel, or arnica gel.

    i am no expert in health, but a few things i have picked up a long the way.

    and sometimes good old rest, sleep and a massage.

  2. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    lol actually i do know Boswellia we call it -gum

    we use it for health, or we use it in a sweet bar / call it a health bar for the winter months.

    I never know the english names for our spices, herbs… lol

      • thoughtsnlifeblog says:

        cause it is an indian name and not all indian will call it that. as for a health bar, i dont think i could find a receipe that would be in english.

        one time, after my mum heart surgery someone explained, use Boswellia crushed up, in a dry pan /pot heat it up, with a stick on cinnamon and clove spices, heat the up, then add hot water –but really carefully it will splash over, and then some jaggery ( or sugar) and drink that.

        these things are acquired tastes especially to the western taste buds. – no offense meant.

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